Monday, March 2, 2015

Here We Go Again: LAPD Kill a Homeless Man

A bystander’s video of Los Angeles police officers killing a homeless man, known as Africa, should make everyone’s blood boil. But I’m sure, unfortunately, it will not. Some will support police no matter what. But I will not. It’s murder no matter what way you slice it.

It’s interesting to read the comments following the reporting on this incident as well as comments following  other incidents of police brutality . It says a lot about how America and we tend to excuse police misconduct. Some say this incident’s details are sketchy. But it's not sketchy at all. Instead of trying to find some legitimacy for LAPD’s actions, look at the number of police officers that responded to the call. Africa was down on the ground, surrounded by six police officers. It should be unarguable that police should have been able to subdue this man without shooting and killing him -- by the way, a weapon was discharged five times,. It's unjustifiable whether the man tried to grab the officer's gun or not. The biggest problem our country faces is our acceptance of such behavior and other questionable behavior by government. We are a violent nation and we tend to accept violence, especially by those in authority.

The killing of Africa is the most recent example of unchecked state-sponsored violence that continues to take lives.

There are real reasons for anger. It’s not just about this killing, or the killings in Ferguson, MO, or Staten Island, NY. It’s also about Kelly Thomas, a homeless man killed by Fullerton, California, police officers, and it’s about many other instances. And, it’s about situations like the accusations against Chicago police of running a detention and interrogation facility likened to the black sites established by the CIA.

And who is it that thinks the United States doesn’t have a problem identifying its values?

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