Friday, February 6, 2015

A Moneyless World: It’s An Idea Worth Spreading

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Can you imagine an America and world free from the influences of money? Where everyone would have access to education and healthcare without the burden to pay for it. Where everyone would be free to fully pursue his or her passion in a world at peace, free, and where inequality wouldn’t exist. An America and world where there is real technical and social progress without profit limitations placed on innovative research and development.

Of course, capitalist will voraciously and unrelenting attack any attempts to weaken the free enterprise system. Most people would say such a concept would be impossible to achieve.

Many would describe such an idea as Marxist, socialist, or communist. But these are money-based economic theories. Therefore, such descriptions do not apply to a moneyless economy.

A moneyless world is egalitarian utopian and a viably aspiring idea. Viable ideas produce theories, and can lead the way to reality. Much work has been done to make a moneyless world a reality, especially Jacques Fresco's The Venus Project. Fresco has been promoting and working on what he calls a resource-based economy since at least 1971.

You see, What The Venus Project claims are true. The free enterprise system has failed us. It has produced “war, poverty, hunger, debt, environmental degradation, and unnecessary human suffering. All of the world's economic systems - socialism, communism, fascism, and even the vaunted free enterprise system - perpetuate social stratification, elitism, nationalism, and racism, primarily based on economic disparity. As long as a social system uses money or barter, people and nations will seek to maintain the economic competitive edge or, if they cannot do so by means of commerce, they will by military intervention.”

But, on the other hand, if we embrace and promote the concept of a moneyless world based on global resource-based economic systems, we can lead America and the world out of the mess it’s gotten itself into.

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