Friday, November 28, 2014

World Order Wars Benefit Powerful Wealthy People, Not You and Me

Our government lies, saying and doing anything to justify their actions. Lies, purposeful misinformation, told in order to drag us into war are most egregious. They tell us, from World War I to Iraq and now Syria, that war is necessary to protect our freedom and democracy. “Freedom is not free.” Wars are necessary to achieve world peace. To do anything else other than forceful intervention is appeasement. Only the United States is capable of maintaining world order.

The facts are that U.S. intervention in World War I helped Hitler rise to power and World War II, intervention in Southeast Asian affairs led to the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, and intervention in the Middle East led to war and all the problems we have in Iraq and the region.

In President Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize acceptance speech, he said, “America led the world in constructing an architecture to keep the peace.” Adding, “A decade into a new century, this old architecture is buckling under the weight of new threats.”

But it has nothing to do with “new threats.” It buckled because our leaders lied. They never faithfully and authentically intended to keep the peace. It buckled because of our gullibility. It buckled because those of us who knew better did not protest vociferously or in sufficient numbers to make a difference. It buckled because the military-industrial complex lobby spent lots of money to make sure that wars continue -- world peace is not in their best interest.

Our nation’s leaders tell us that our prosperity depends on all nations being safe, secure, free, and democratic. However, our wars only provide prosperity for international bankers, international corporations, and corporations who profit from our intervention and wars that are its result, not for the average American struggling day in and day out just to pay for healthcare, a roof over their head, food, and other needs necessary for existence.

In the midterm elections, corporations, thanks to Citizen’s United, and wealthy people spent huge sums of money on electing the people who will protect their interest. The voter turnout in the 2014 midterm elections was 37%, the lowest turnout since 1942. The undeniable truth is that we won’t lose our freedoms and our democracy from an enemy without but through our apathy, from ourselves within. Until we change, the plutocracy will become more and more entrenched, wars will continue at the same pace as they have since the end of World War II, and we will continue to lose whatever freedom and democracy we have left. Under these conditions, World Peace is not achievable.

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