Sunday, October 26, 2014

More Americans Will Die This Year from Afflictions Other Than Ebola

Juan Cole writes a great article today that provides another resource to the Ebola article I published on October 18.

Cole, writing about the irresponsibility shown in the reporting and exploitation of America’s Ebola fears, puts forth some things of which Americans should have greater concern, especially given the number of deaths they cause.

He concludes his article by stating:

“Whether it is the lobbyists for Big Coal who want to go on spewing poison into the atmosphere, or the NRA lobbyists for the four major corporations that manufacture hand guns or the restaurant lobbyists who want to evade regulation and want to be able to kill their customers with 4,000-calorie meals, or the cigarette manufacturers and distributors who are, like 0007, licensed by the government to murder, the common denominator here is that our corporations are often much worse for our health than a mere infectious disease outbreak. But these health deficits are almost never reported on in the media owned by the corporations. Instead, we’re encouraged to think about something else while our pockets are being picked– say, an exotic disease.”