Thursday, October 1, 2009

Why NaturalNews opposes Obama's health care "reform" plan: a statement of principles

A very good article by Mike Adams.

He hit the nail on the head on so many of the issues. His position is unarguable.

However, without revolution, and as he stated, At the same time, you can't exactly blame Obama for all this. The current power players in the medical-industrial complex are so entrenched in Washington -- with thousands of lobbyists and billions of dollars to throw around -- that real reform is virtually impossible today. There's too much profit to be made in sickness and disease for any meaningful reform to happen. Even if Obama wanted to end the era of chemical medicine and unleash a new age of natural healing and health freedom (and maybe he wants to), it would be politically impossible for him to accomplish this in America today. Imagine the backlash if Obama announced that natural medicine would no longer be regulated by the FDA... the pharmaceutical lobby would have a fit, and Obama would be pressured by drug-pushing physicians to back off, we are for the time being stuck in this systemic healthcare situation. To acheive any improvement, no matter how small, it's imperitive that we work within what we do have or we will have no improvement at all.

As Dr. Andrew Weil has said, We need to take the profit out of healthcare.