Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Healthcare Misinformation

I received this email on healthcare reform

This is my response:

I am convinced that the writers of such emails, such as that of Chuck Page, do not know how to read in English. There cannot be any other explanation for it, with the exceptions that they may be simply ridiculously ignorant and/or na├»ve, or they have an underlying personal agenda that is driving them to write nonsense. It’s tomfoolery, at its best, to obfuscate facts. But, of course, unless I could read the minds of these writers, I will never know. I only know that I have read H.R. 3200 cursorily while perusing those parts that are in controversy. So far, I don’t have a problem with the bill.

His opening paragraph states, Since the last few years of my ‘working career’ included tracking and analyzing legislation at the state and federal levels, as well as testifying before legislative committees, I thought I could use those experiences gained with this bill. I suppose this statement is supposed to give him some credence for his view.

He speaks of the Hemlock Society and of NARAL Pro-Choice America. Simply read what their missions are. Of course, if you want to read into what has been written, not believing in the veracity of their statements, would not be logical, it is pure speculation, and does not hold up to examination.

He states probably the majority of our congressional leaders still do not know what they are talking about [meaning they have not read the healthcare bill: H.R.3200]. It seems to me that they do know what they are talking about when they entertain the questions from citizens in those town hall meetings on healthcare reform. Doesn’t Page understand that congressional representatives have staffs of advisors, review boards, and legal council that do read and analyze all bills presented to its members? And that congressmen and congresswomen do read substantial portions of the bill themselves.

His accusations against Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel, which were based on the writing of Michele Bachmann are false. An additional source for the falsity of his accusations is from ABC News.